Our new tour idea for 2024 takes you into two exiting and interesting European cities on one trip.

Nothing new you say – true it has been done before – but Herzerl Tours is pairing two cities under one theme: cuisine, music, history or wellness. You will not feel like a tourist but a discoverer of local life and history. Basically you will stay three days in each city with one day in the middle for transfer. I am giving you an overview – and you will get the details once you decided which “pair” you are choosing. This is a new, exciting direction Herzerl Tours is taking.

By Jorge Franganillo - CC BY 2.0
By joselomba, CC BY-SA 3.0

Salzburg: a total Mozart experience -his wonderful music, a lecture about the genius interspersed with tasting the cuisine of his time.

Vienna: Here we bring you Johann Strauss, the waltz king and Franz Schubert, the so very Viennese composer. Again there will be music, a talk about the composers themselves and of course – this is Vienna – famous Viennese cuisine accompanied by outstanding Viennese wines (Vienna is the only capital in Europe that has vineyards in the city limits)


Here the theme is music again.

Vienna: Joseph Haydn and Gustav Mahler – a juxtaposition of 150 years yet both very Austrian. You will hear their music, hear about their lives and hear and taste what they liked to eat and drink. We'll try to attend a performance in the famous Vienna State Opera – the leading venue in Europe

Prague: Here we introduce you to Dvorak and Smetana – two very Czech composers separated by 50 years and background. You will hear their music. hear about their lives and of course get a taste of the typically Czech cuisine as they would have eaten.


Cuisine and history will be the theme

Here we create a truly culinary experience – maybe even include a brief cooking lecture on local cuisine in both cities – and wine pairing to these meals with local wines. All this will then be interspersed with a bit of history – think Austro-Hungarian monarchy and it’s after math.


Art and cuisine will be the theme for these two cities

Milano: We will experience the cultural side of Milano with the Gothic Duomo and the Santa Maria dele Grazie convent (housing the Leonardo da Vinci mural “the last Supper”) and if possible a performance in the famous La Scala opera house. The Italians consider Milano the “moral capital: of Italy – it certainly is the leading city of fashion.

Venice: What is there to say but marvelous – la Serenissima – built on top of the lagoon to avoid the conquerors. It was a republic on its own and ruled by the Doges until 1797. Visiting Venice is a glorious experience – you feel like you are in a mythical world (and the recent cut-down on cruise ships and daily tourists make a tremendous difference)

We’ll literally submerge you into some history, some culture (think famous opera house La Fenice) and of course as always we’ll introduce you to the fabulous cuisine of Venetia (meanwhile you could read the books by the great writer Donna Leon)


History and music in these two cities abound.

Berlin: Berlin situated on the river Spree, the Capital of Germany is known for its exceptional array of landmarks and it’s recent history. Think off Berlin wall, Brandenburg gate, Reichstag building, Checkpoint Charlie…a cruise on the Spree gives you a great outlook on the city. So much history – remember East and West Berlin, but also great food and beer.

Dresden: Dresden situated on the river Elbe (we notice that most European cities are located on a river – as shipping was vital to life then). Three of the major landmarks known to most – the Semper Opera house, the church of our lady (Frauenkirche) and the Baroque Zwinger Palace. Dresden is famed for its music – the Dresden Philharmonics are world famous. The Frauenkirche was bombed in 1945 -the last weeks of world war II. The church has been rebuilt by finances from donation from all over the world (I did too). There’ll be concerts, there’ll be guided tours and there’ll be food – I hear that the quark pancakes are divine and a must to try.


The theme here is get to know Switzerland, its art, food and its people.

Genava: Geneva is an elegant city located on Lake Geneva – famous for its diplomacy vibes, the United Nations HQ (founded in this city)- and historically speaking the center of protestant reformation (John Calvin).

A true icon of Geneva is the gigantic water fountain (Jet D’Eau), 140 meter high) in the harbor. And there is the world’s largest flower clock (40 ft. wide) located on the edge of the lake. And let’s not forget the great fondue – I must have gained pounds during my stay in Geneva (honeymoon)indulging in fondue - accompanied by the wine grown around Geneva (third largest wine producer in Switzerland)

Lucerne: Now you are in the German part of Schweiz – this city is called the heart of the country. Situated on the banks of Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstätter See in German), this city has preserved its medieval architecture. One of the famous landmarks is the wooden Chapel Bridge dating back to the 14th century, spanning the Reuss river it connects the Old town with the other bank. Strolling through Old Town you will see many blocks of old buildings richly decorated with painted murals. And do not miss seeing the “lion monument” – a classic statue carved in natural rock. “The most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world” sayd Mark Twain.

And of course there is the wonderful German Swiss food that is more similar to the Western Austrian province of Tirol then to the French part of Switzerland.

So now that you have seen our choices we hope you find one City Pairing that interests you and you want to do. Let us know which one it is and we will send you the detailed itinerary and cost of the tour you have chosen. There will be a booking fee of $100 which will be deducted when you actually book the tour.

    Go for it – it will be a great adventure!


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